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16-Gallon Gravity Fed Eyewash Station

  • Compliance with ANSI Z358.1-2014 Standard: The eyewash station meets the requirements set by the ANSI Z358.1-2014 Standard for self-contained eyewash stations. This ensures that it provides an adequate and reliable flow of eyewash solutions for the recommended duration.
  • Suitable for Small to Medium-Sized Workplaces: Designed for workplaces with an employee count ranging from 1 to 24, this eyewash station is ideal for a variety of settings, including offices, small workshops, laboratories, and more.

7360BTWC AXION® MSR Barrier-Free Eye/Face Wash

  1. Barrier-Free Accessibility: The low-profile design of the 7360BTWC accommodates wheelchair access, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.
  2. Zero Vertical Velocity™ Stream Engineering: The eyewash streams offer even laminar flow with Zero Vertical Velocity™, delivering enhanced comfort, stability, and effectiveness during irrigation.
  3. Easy Installation: The eye/face wash and valve assembly are pre-built and fully water/pressure tested, reducing installation time. The unit also includes a trap and tailpiece for convenient wall mounting.
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Honeywell BW™ Icon

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The detector comes with built-in Bluetooth for easy downloading and sending of reports via the Safety Suite App. It is also compatible with Motorola MOTOTRBO for seamless communication.
  • IntelliDox Compatibility: The Honeywell BW™ Icon is compatible with the IntelliDox instrument management system, allowing for fast bump testing, data downloading, configuration, and calibration of the device. The IntelliDox system now supports the external filter plate.
  • Quick Specs: The gas detector utilizes low-power LEL infrared technology, offering a battery runtime of 2 months. It incorporates 1series sensor technology, providing wider temperature working conditions and a 5-year expected life. The device is also compatible with the Honeywell Safety Suite and supports TouchConnect for wireless configuration via Bluetooth®.
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